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The Mystical Power Of The Tantra Breath

We all know that the simple process of inhalation and exhalation is the very basis of our physical lives. Without this process, life is considered to have left the body. Most of the time, we are completely unaware of it. However, most people are also unaware of how the manner in which we breathe affects our mental and emotional state, as well.

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In tantra breathing, we bring the normally unconscious process of breathing from the unknown into the known. We become aware of it, and learn to appreciate how this simple yet vital process affects us.  It is only when we become aware of how we breathe that we can understand just how many of our physical, mental and emotional processes are dictated by it.

Did you know that the way in which we breathe actually affects our sex life? Yes, it’s true. In fact, in learning the mysteries of tantra breath control and awareness-based respiration, you are getting closer and closer to mental, emotional and sexual mastery.

You may have heard of the time-honored ‘sexual aid’ known as the metronome. This simple instrument, which produces a steady, metered sound, has been used for centuries to ‘time’ the strokes in sexual intercourse. In tantra breathing, we use our breath in a similar way – to slow down the entire process and take control of the orgasmic reflex. It is also an important component of all tantra yoga exercises.

The science of tantra breathing is a precise one, and one needs to learn it from an authentic tantra teacher. Remember that watching our breath and harnessing its latent power is not something that comes naturally to anyone. In my experience as a tantra master, it usually takes at least five tantra for couples sessions before the couple begins to go beyond chest breathing and progress into the deep belly breathing that defines tantra breath control.

How will your sex life benefit from learning this science? The woman will begin to experience deeper, longer orgasms and also attain complete mastery over her natural prerogative of being multi-orgasmic. Likewise, a man who is trained in tantra breathing will never be plagued by premature ejaculation again. He will also be able to prolong the entire episode of sexual intimacy for indefinite periods.

Do not, however, assume that these miracles will happen overnight. It takes many sessions with a genuine tantra teacher who has true knowledge of the tantric arts before you will experience these results. Have patience and persevere in your tantric instructions, and the fruits of this ancient technique will surely be yours.

Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta is a Tantra Teacher with deep knowledge of traditional Indian sciences. Visit his tantra online guide for Tantra Lessons from this young Tantra Master.

Learn Tantra Breathing For Complete Wellbeing

The manner in which we breathe plays a huge role in how healthy and emotionally grounded we are. As a tantra teacher, I place great emphasis on correct breathing and the tantra breathing techniques prescribes by the tantra scriptures. Apart from overall physical, mental and spiritual wellness, tantra breathing is an excellent method of detoxification.

The commonly accepted misconception that breathing should take place through the chest is just that – a misconception. It is a myth propagated by physical fitness advocates who simply do not know any better. In fact, chest breathing can lead to a lot of complications, since the lungs cannot expand to their fullest capacity and are therefore unable to absorb oxygen properly. One of the first things that your tantra teacher will inform you of is that chest breathing is shallow, unhealthy breathing.

Furthermore, expanding the chest is one of the ways in which men behave when they want to display aggression or dominance. It is a primitive response to danger, and its purpose is for the male to take up more space and make himself look bigger and more powerful. For this reason, making it a habit to expand the chest releases all sorts of stress hormones.

For any serious student of tantra, it is important to unlearn this unhealthy manner of breathing and to be instructed in the prescribed tantra breathing methods. This is not always easy.

The correct way of breathing as per tantra yoga guidelines involves drawing breath in slowly through the nose and allowing the abdomen (rather than the chest) to expand. In this way, the diaphragm is distended downwards and creates more space for the lungs to be filled. It is helpful to imagine that the air is being drawn through the lungs and into the belly.

This kind of breathing can be practiced in day-to-day life until it becomes second nature. While practicing tantra breathing during a tantra yoga session, one can take the technique further. After drawing in the breath as outlined above, hold it for a brief moment and then begin expelling it, allowing your belly and chest to deflate. However, the period of exhalation should be longer than that of inhalation, even if by just a few seconds. Then begin the cycle again.

Be warned that dizziness may occur, since the blood is absorbing much more oxygen than the body is used to. Avoid the use of any kind of burned incense while practicing this kind of tantra breathing, as the process of burning smoke will compromise the oxygen content in their air and also introduce harmful residues of combustion into it.

By practicing this tantric technique of inhalation and exhalation, you are ensuring that your lungs are completely voided of used-up air and filled to capacity with fresh oxygenated air. Practicing this kind of breathing for ten minutes each morning and night will have a profound and lasting effect on your body and mind.

Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta is a Tantra Teacher with deep knowledge of traditional Indian sciences. Visit his tantra online guide for Tantra Lessons from this young Tantra Master.

Mastering Your Breath With Tantra Kriya Techniques

Tantra Kriyas are tantric techniques for spiritual growth that one can practice alone. Tantra kriya yoga techniques are especially useful for new students of the tantric arts who are finding it difficult to meditate. These kriyas can be very helpful in stilling and composing the mind for proper tantra meditation. Students should receive instructions on their correct use from a qualified and experienced tantra teacher.

It is the nature of the human mind to go where it will and follow its own lines of thought. This does not change as soon as one begins practicing these techniques. Our uncontrolled emotions are the source of our uncontrolled thoughts, and this takes time to heal. Tantric kriyas help to purify the emotions. Eventually, mental and emotional clarity will replace the usual chaos in the mind.

One of the most basic and also most powerful kriyas is tantra breathing – or, more specifically, the mindful observing and controlling of one’s breath. The process of breathing is a perpetual one as long as metabolic life persists in the body. It is also an accurate yardstick of what is happening in the person who is breathing. Breath rate speeds up when the person experiences fear or great passion. It slows down when the person is asleep or bored. One tends to hold one’s breath when one is awaiting the results of a certain action or event.

However, every student of tantra knows that the breath also influences the body and emotions. Not only do we breathe faster when aroused or fearful – the faster breath actually encourages these emotions. Naturally, the resultant emotions also reflect in the body’s working. When you learn tantric kriya yoga techniques for the controlling of your breath with your tantra teacher, you will be able to influence how your body and mind react to certain stimuli as well.

As you become more adept at the tantric breathing techniques or kriyas, you will discover that you are actually able to conquer fear and doubt, as well as rein in and channel sexual passion. This is the very essence of orgasm control. Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are often the result of fear, self-doubt and the inability to control the tide of passion once the floodgates open. With tantra kriya yoga breath control and observation techniques, these issues that plague so many males can become a thing of the past.

If you are serious about learning the secrets of tantra, find an experienced tantric master who can guide you on your way to spiritual mastery over your mind and body.

Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta is a Tantra Teacher with an in-depth knowledge of traditional Indian sciences and Sanskrit literature. Visit his tantra online guide for Tantra Lessons, kriyas and mudras from this young Tantra Master.




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